Nestled in the land of five rivers, in the Indian state responsible for 10% of the country’s rice production, the company’s plant is situated in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. With its head office in Delhi, KSRS is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of basmati and non-basmati rice.

A partnership firm established in the year 1953, transformed into KSRS Exports Pvt. Ltd., that is now a family legacy currently in its third generation. The company’s products are branded as Flying Horse; the essence of the name comes from the organization’s exponential growth spanning over 6 decades.

Grown at the foothills of the Himalayas, the rice in the mineral-rich plains is irrigated by the perennial rivers of the snow fed mountain range. From soil testing to procurement, KSRS is involved in different capacities, every step of the way.


To emerge as a leading and the most trusted rice manufacturer and exporter, whilst growing in tandem with our country. 

Mr. Kuljit Singh (Dimpy) | Co-Founder and Managing Director


Motivated, driven and resilient in the age when Indian businesses rose from need, Mr. Kuljit Singh established Flying Horse Rice’s export wing in 1987, joining his father Late S. Kuldip Singh’s entrepreneurial journey.

Today, sharing responsibilities with his sons, Mr. Kuljit essentially oversees purchase and quality at KSRS Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prabir Singh



The older of two sons, Mr. Prabir entered the business in 2005, with a keen interest in production. Leadership and a strong sense of management, coupled with guidance from Mr. Kuljit, lead him to successfully monitor operations and production. Adding his skill set and qualities, in turn expedited the growth of Late S. Kuldip Singh’s legacy.

Mr. Kulbir Singh



A driven and level-headed millennial, entered the family business in 2010. Soon after his education, Mr. Kulbir put his networking abilities to use in the family business. Managing people, a key skill set in business, comes naturally to the youngest director at KSRS. Overseeing sales completely, both, of their export and domestic wings, Mr. Kulbir made his mark at Flying Horse Rice within a short span.

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